Window Cleaning

We offer the latest  window cleaning technology that uses the high reach pure water pole system.

This means we clean not only the window but the sill and frames too.

As its pure water you can be assured of a streak free finish and your windows stay clean for longer as there's no soap involved that attracts the dirt back onto the window.

We operate in Wrexham, Llangollen and surrounding areas. Please click to learn more...Window Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning



Gutter Cleaning in Wrexham, Llangollen and surrounding areas. Using the “High Reach Vacuum System” No Ladders required

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House Cleaning

Cleaning ironing and shopping in the Wrexham, Llangollen and surrounding area.

Along with helping my husband cleaning windows I offer the service of house cleaning.

We extend our cleaning with conscience principle to all areas of cleaning and ironing so you know you will get a good job done and we have offered a honest and thorough service. Please click to learn more...House Cleaning