Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Can you clean the inside of my windows ?

A- Yes we can clean the inside as well. For this we will use the traditional mop & blade. Giving you a perfect finish.

Q- How do I pay you if I am not in?

A- We will leave you a card giving the date we called and the amount owed and how to pay. We accept payment online by BACS. PayPal, PayM or cheque by post. Otherwise we are happy to collect cash the next time we visit.

Q- How often will you call?

A- Our most popular frequency is every 6 weeks. But we can call every month, every other month, or 3 monthly if you prefer.

Q- Who will be cleaning my windows?

A- We do not outsource any of our work, so it will be Vince or Lynn that call. This ensure we can maintain the same high standard.

Q- Do you only clean the glass.

A- No using the water fed pole system we will clean both the frame and sill for you. Also any UPVC doors you have.

Q- What is "pure water" and how does it clean so well.

A- If you clean your window using normal tap water you will notice when it dries, they still look dirty with streaks and water marks. This is because all the impurities in the tap water are left on the window after the water evaporates. Because we use water that has no impurities in it. When it touches your windows it naturally wants to get dirty again. It becomes like a magnet for dirt. The dirt mixes back into the water and then is rinsed off as we wash them over. Because no soap is used the windows are not left with any residue that may attract dirt back on to them. So they stay cleaner for longer.

Q- How do we make the water pure?

A- We start with normal tap water. This usually has 100's of parts per million of impurities in it. We pass this water through a special filter that starts to remove those particles. After the first filtration the water is down to less than 10 parts per million. This water is then passed through another filtering process to remove the  last few particles. We end up with water that contains only 1 or 2 parts per million of contamination.